An Olympic champion who puts his skills at the service of companies’ performance.

Edgar Grospiron, the first French Olympic champion in Mogul skiing, offers to share his top-level sport experience with his good times but also difficult ones. Thanks to his rich human experience, he got the necessary strengths to succeed in his change of profession. He will share his experience with you.

Edgar is a cheerful person, totally at ease with his audience. To support the messages delivered during your workshops, he approaches the subjects from a different angle : sport.

His conferences, prepared like a « one-man-show », very far from a PowerPoint presentation or a formatted read speech, will bring you into his own universe, the one of a top-level athlete and you will be immersed in the world of Olympism.

By offering the participants the possibility to share the privacy of a champion, he gives the key to success and helps you to rely on meaningful messages.

He is a real performer during the workshop and leaves a strong impression in the collective memory.

He will remain available for a cocktail, a meal, an evening or a sport activity, always approachable to share a convivial moment.