Dare always, Give way sometimes, Give up never

Peggy BOUCHET, 24 years old, was the first woman to dare to row across the Atlantic.

An extraordinary adventure (5 500 km and more than 800 000 oar strokes) during which she had to show daring, determination and pugnacity.

In 1998, the day before her arrival, after 79 days at sea, her boat capsized. She stayed 9 hours in a survival situation. 18 months later, in the year 2000, she started again and crossed the line first in the West Indies.

Export finance engineer, then company manager, Peggy is also a qualified speaker (more than 250 interventions to her credit) on a wide range of topics such as self-transcendence, team management, project management, risk taking and how to overcome failure.

Thanks to her experience and her double role of adventurer and company manager, she knows how to make her actions correspond to her words.

Being an adventurer, it is above all being a company manager: recruiting a team, prepare and manage a project from idea to implementation, finding the necessary funding.

It is also being able to manage the communication side of a project in order to ensure the maximum return on investment to ones clients (sponsors in her case) while meeting the budget and deadlines.

Moreover, you have to be capable of adapting, making decisions, and dealing with constraints, barriers and risks. All these common values apply both to adventure and business.

Her speech also relies on the cultivation of individual and collective effort, on the human factor which is a capital that has more than ever its place inside a company.

Her motto is « Dare always, Give way sometimes, Give up never » and she kept it in mind throughout her entire second Atlantic crossing (it is also the title of her second book published by du Chêne).

« Have no fear of obstacles, take risks. No risk means no innovation, no creativity and no change. Be an adventurer and the actor of your own life! At a time when we are often talking about saving energy, do not save yours! Your enthusiasm, your daring, your courage and your commitment are your own clean and renewable energies! « To each his own Atlantic crossing!”

As you will have understood, it is a real booster for you and your teams. All participants will come out of this workshop grown up and more daring than ever! »