All the experiences that are shared with a group improve the team spirit and solidarity between individuals.

Based on this theory, we offer our clients to use the best original tools to strengthen the links, share moments and emotions, create complicity, value a group of people.

The target : The best you feel within your company, the best you work together.

For your project, Event DAYS creates programs of motivation and surpassing oneself through team building concepts.

We define with you all the aspects in order to design the team building program that best suits your needs.

As a consequence, we will help your participants to go further, thus improving team cohesion within your company.

Ideas to reinvent for your company

Multisports Challenges

Everything is possible !! It depends on the profile of your group : Sports challenges, puzzle games, games of skill and patience.

Garden Party

Let’s have lunch on the grass! A smart and friendly moment

Treasure Hunts

Get ready for adventure !! As a team, search and find all the clues which lead to the treasure.

As the EvenTeam is very creative, plenty more surprises are waiting for you…